June 8 In the news

Why (and How) Law Firms Should Embrace Basic TQM Principles

Lexicon CEO Scott Brennan and CFO/COO Tom Boster recently co-wrote an article that appeared on Legal Tech News explaining why and how law firms should be embracing total quality management.

TQM is having policies, procedures, and standards for how a company gets work done, manufactures products, interacts with customers and clients, and resolves disputes. Many industries have adopted TQM, but law firms have been slow to embrace it. However, firms would likely benefit from taking the same approach.

“In the legal context, TQM is really about maximizing efficiency and productivity while increasing client satisfaction and plugging revenue leaks,” they write.

They go on to outline a three-step approach to TQM that firms could easily utilize:

  1. Identify repeatable tasks.
  2. Develop consistent systems and processes.
  3. Review processes regularly.

“TQM is one of the best ways to ensure –and prove—ethical compliance, and it also builds the trust and respect of clients,” they write.