Corporate social responsibility is a must at Lexicon.

Lexicon Services Legal Scholarship

College is an expensive endeavor. Now imagine facing the prospect of paying for school on top of carrying crippling medical debt all while battling a potentially life-threatening illness.

Founded in 1993, Cancer for College is a charity that has been providing need-based college scholarships and educational experiences to cancer survivors since 1993. Since its inception they have granted over 1,400 scholarships awarding more than $4 million to survivors around the country.

Lexicon is proud to partner with Cancer for College to provide a new scholarship designed to help cancer survivors realize their dream of earning a law degree. We will work together to find a deserving survivor and help alleviate the financial burdens that come with education and the disease. Our mission is to help these young people thrive through college and beyond.

The scholarship application period will be open from November 1 until January 31 each year. To learn more about this scholarship, please visit www.cancerforcollege.org

Lexicon Monthly Charitable Initiatives

Each month Lexicon chooses a new charity to support. Here are some of the causes Lexicon has supported recently.

June 2021
Men’s Group Against Cancer

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May 2021
Ovarian Cancer Awareness

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April 2021
The December 5th Fund

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June 2021 – St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer

In honor of Father’s Day, the Lexicon June charitable initiative supported the St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer with the Comedy for a Cause initiative.

The St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer was formed over 50 years ago and has raised millions of dollars for the cancer community. The organization comprises a committee and medical advisors of St. Louis men who want to support the prevention, research, and care of the entire St. Louis cancer community. Through their efforts, the thirty-plus local organizations that help men, women, pediatric, and geriatric cancer patients receive funding to execute their specific initiatives.

Each week during June on Monday, Lexicon employees sent in a dad joke that coincided with a theme for the week, and each joke that our employees sent in raised money for the SLMGAC. The jokes were then “performed” for all of our employees to enjoy each Friday during a special Lunchtime Laughs virtual gathering.

STLMGAC Check PresentationBrad Paubel, Lexicon CIO, was proud to present a check for $890 for the funds raised to Margie Price, Executive Director of St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer.

May 2021 – St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness


Ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, with approximately 21,410 women receiving a diagnosis each year. May 8 is World Ovarian Cancer Day, and also occurred on Mother’s Day weekend in 2021.

In honor of the moms and other important women in our lives, Lexicon hosted Mom’s the Word May Trivia Challenge to benefit St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA).

SLOCA is the ONLY non-profit organization in Missouri dedicated solely to ovarian cancer. The late Christina Carr formed the organization and during treatment for ovarian cancer, it was her wish to increase awareness about her disease. In 2002, she reached out to six women that were all survivors of ovarian cancer to spread awareness, fund critical research, and support other patients and survivors.

Each Monday morning in May, a mom-themed trivia question was sent to all Lexicon employees. For each correct response and participation, Lexicon leaders dedicated funds to the organization.

At the end of the trivia fundraiser, Lexicon was able to raise a total of $1,295 in support of ovarian cancer research and survivor support.

April 2021 – The December 5th Fund

In April 2021, Lexicon employees showed their support for The December 5th Fund.

The December 5th Fund’s mission is to give a “Great Day” without worry to families whose loved one is afflicted with cancer. The organization creates once-in-a-lifetime memories for families and provides ongoing support for the family as they continue the journey through treatment.

To celebrate the start of the baseball season, our people sent in their pictures to join us in the Lexicon section at the ballpark for our “Great Day at the Ballpark” initiative. For each employee picture submitted, Lexicon donated to the December 5th fund.

We filled the section and raised $1,170 for the organization!

Scott Brennan, Lexicon CEO, was proud to present the check to Thomas Wiley, Founder/ President of the December 5th Fund, to assist with their efforts to families.

March 2021
Camp Rainbow

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January and February 2021
Kids Rock Cancer

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December 2020
Deck the Halls with Donations

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March 2021 – Camp Rainbow

In March 2021, Lexicon employees added coins to the pot at the end of the rainbow for our Rainbow Collections initiative to benefit Camp Rainbow.

We set up our rainbow displays at Lexicon locations, and our employees and visitors were asked to donate their spare change to benefit the Camp Rainbow organization.

Through the generosity of Lexicon employees, we raised $1,210, and Lexicon matched this amount for a total of $2,240! This amount benefitted 10 children that have been isolated to allow them to connect in laughter, creativity, fun, and traditional campfire activities with Camp Rainbows virtual camp-in-a-box with programming.

Lori Moser, Lexicon Vice President of Strategy, Mergers, and Acquisitions, and Michelle Fritz, Lexicon Billing Representative, had the opportunity to visit the new Camp Rainbow facility in Fenton, MO. While there, they presented the Lexicon matching donation to Heather Bachman, Executive Director of Camp Rainbow, and Suzanne Slagle, Camp Rainbow Business Manager.

January and February 2021 – Kids Rock Cancer

Lexicon is committed to expanding our local charitable impact throughout the St. Louis area and in our other office locations in the U.S. with our entire team’s help.

To kick off 2021, January and February were the employee’s choice! Lexicon challenged our employees to pick their favorite local organization that assists the cancer community and support the organization how they chose (donate their time, raise funds, etc.). Also, Lexicon committed to matching the amount raised by the top two employees who raised funds for their favorite organization!

Through this initiative, we were introduced to Kids Rock Cancer.

Kids Rock Cancer is an innovative program that helps children cope with the unique emotional challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Through the proven healing power of music therapy, Kids Rock Cancer helps children combat feelings of anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and helplessness. The program provides:

  • A vehicle for self-expression
  • A sense of self-esteem and accomplishment
  • A distraction from the physical and emotional pain
  • A sense of joy and optimism

Scott Brennan, Lexicon CEO, and our top fundraisers Genny Hembrock, Process Improvement Specialist, and Lauren Phillips, Director, Quality and Process Improvement, joined the Kids Rock Cancer Couch Sessions to share our organization’s overall charitable program and present the funds raised.

December 2020 – Deck the Halls with Donations

In December 2020, Lexicon challenged its employees to donate $5 each in charitable giving to help those battling cancer in the St. Louis area celebrate the holiday season with their families.

Through the St. Louis Peregrine Society’s Holiday Program, 120 families affected by cancer received holiday gift boxes filled with pajamas, gloves and hats, grocery store gift cards, and toys for kids. Through donations, Lexicon employees helped offset the cost of the organization’s holiday gift boxes and bring holiday cheer to families facing the challenges of cancer.

The St. Louis Peregrine Society is dedicated to improving the quality of life of cancer patients living in the St. Louis area. In 1948, a group of St. Louis women envisioned an organization solely devoted to providing services to those in our community suffering from cancer. Their dream became a reality in April of 1949 when the St. Louis Peregrine Society (originally incorporated as the St. Louis Cancer Society) was formed. Their mission then as it is now is to “improve the quality of life of cancer patients living in St. Louis City and County.”

Through this initiative, Lexicon was able to raise a total of $1,270 through employee donations and Lexicon’s matching amount. $635 was donated from Lexicon team members throughout the month, and Lexicon CIO Brad Paubel provided Lexicon’s matching amount to Peregrine Society Executive Director Shari Cunningham.

November 2020
Blow it Up for Lung Cancer

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October 2020
Pink Ribbon Girls

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September 2020
Friends of Kids with Cancer

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November 2020 – Blow it Up for Lung Cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and Lexicon is asked to Blow it Up for Lung Cancer.

A simple task, such as blowing up a balloon, is next to impossible for lung cancer patients to do. Throughout November, Lexicon employees were asked to purchase a balloon for $1 to support Lung Cancer Connection, Inc. Lexicon matched employee donations, up to $2,000. With their donation, employees were encouraged to share the name of a loved one who has had lung cancer or died from the disease.

With a mission to raise awareness, increase patient and family support, and advocate for greater funding for lung cancer research, screening, and treatment, Lung Cancer Connection, Inc. is a non-profit organization comprised of lung cancer patients, survivors, family, friends, and medical professionals, all dedicated to providing information, education, resources, and hope about this devastating disease.

October 2020 – Pink Ribbon Girls

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To support those who have and are battling breast cancer, Lexicon launched the Post-it for Pink initiative to support the St. Louis chapter of Pink Ribbon Girls.

Pink Ribbon Girls was founded by breast cancer survivors who have a passion for supporting and empowering others who are currently fighting against breast and gynecological cancers. This organization strives to make the burden lighter for patients and their families. They balance the fear and uncertainty that breast and gynecological cancers bring to individuals and families by providing FREE direct services of healthy meals, housecleaning, rides to treatment, and peer support to our clients to ensure that No One Travels This Road Alone. In St. Louis, Pink Ribbon Girls supports patients and their families in 23 area hospitals and 86 zip codes.

Throughout October, Lexicon employees were encouraged to put on a pink shirt, headband, pants, or any pink attire and send in a picture. Lexicon committed to contributing $15 to the Pink Ribbon Girls for each employee who submits a picture. Plus, Lexicon will donate an additional $500 if more than 100 employees send a picture to support the cause.

September 2020 – Friends of Kids with Cancer

September is childhood cancer awareness month. To honor those kids that have or are currently fighting cancer, Lexicon partnered with the St. Louis based organization Friends of Kids with Cancer.

Friends of Kids with Cancer is devoted to enriching children’s daily lives undergoing treatment and survivors of cancer and blood-related diseases and are dedicated to helping St. Louis area kids with cancer be kids for over two decades. The organization focuses on advocating for these special kids, and their families with the educational, emotional, and recreational support needed due to the long hours of chemotherapy, illness, and isolation.

Throughout September, Lexicon employees were challenged to walk in honor of these kids and raise funds. During their walking, employees could also earn wellness points for our corporate wellness initiative. Healthy employees helping kids, it was a win-win. The Lexicon team took 20,411,008 steps, the equivalent of over 8,000 miles, in September to support Friends of Kids with Cancer.

Lexicon CEO Scott Brennan and the top steppers of the month proudly presented a check for $1,500 to Brandy Bimslager, executive Director of Friends of Kids with Cancer, at the month’s conclusion.