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Blame the Messenger – Normal Logic in “Not Normal Times” Is Anything But – The LeXFactor Briefs

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann is the host of The LeXFactor Briefs, looking at what’s making news in the legal industry. Lauren and co-host Brad Paubel, Lexicon’s chief information officer, review how law firms seem to be encountering pushback from every direction when it comes to communicating what their office return policies will look like.

Some firms are tweaking their messaging, and it’s not even September, a time many have set for more regular in-office attendance. Factors complicating the issue include: changing criteria from health authorities, localized outbreaks, clients asserting their opinions on what their outside counsel should do and attorneys newly emboldened by a strong yearlong argument against full-time office attendance. All stakeholders want answers, and there really aren’t any. As hard as it is to admit, we are far from post-pandemic.