Lexicon Launches Human Resources and Recruiting Services

Lexicon Launches Human Resources and Recruiting Services for Clients

As a partner at a law firm, your focus needs to remain on your clients. You need to put yourself and your firm in the best position possible, so that remains the case and your clients do not suffer from your diverted attention.

In the same vein, you need to trust that the attorneys that you hire at your firm are capable, focused, and put in the best position to succeed.

In order to accomplish both of these sentiments, you need the assistance of our human resource and recruiting services.

New services offered by Lexicon

We, at Lexicon continue to empower law firms to do what they do best. Through our newest feature, recruiting and human resource services, we will be putting clients in the best position to succeed from the moment our representatives pool a list of candidates and begin conducting interviews for a potential attorney or legal staff member.

Recruiting the right candidate

Hiring the right attorney or legal staff member can be a challenge. Depending on your practice, certain attorneys or legal staff members may be a poor fit for your firm.

We understand how vital having effective recruiting and human resources in place is at a law firm. We also know that having a lawyer or legal staff member with the right skillset at the right time is critical.

The legal industry is consistently changing, and each of its members should be focused on the needs of the client. Through the utilization of our recruiting and human resource services, your law firm can maintain an advantage.

We, at Lexicon, employ an acquisition strategy for attorneys and legal staff in three key regions with a fulfillment rate of 45 days. Our services can deliver a pool of candidates for your firm to choose from, based on their accomplishments, as well as a behavior-based model that helps determine the right candidate for the position.

Our recruitment services also offers intern staffing and American Bar Association Conference sourcing, allowing your firm to tap into the prime candidates in the legal industry.

Expand your HR services

If you are worrying about the health insurance in place for your employees or navigating the complexities of your payroll, your focus is no longer on your clients.

By utilizing our HR Suite, you will receive administration over your benefits package and over your payroll. You also will receive a Learning Management System for employee development that will be available in 2021 for our clients.

In addition to those services, our HR Suite also will offer HR consulting services to help you navigate through any employee matters your firm may come across.

By hiring us at Lexicon for human resource services, you can be confident, knowing that qualified professionals, who understand the ins and outs of human resources, are providing your firm the quality benefits, payroll services, employee development, and consulting, in order to grow into the thriving business that you know it can be.