Lexicon Produces Cordell & Cordell Webinar Series About Coronavirus Pandemic

Lexicon Produces Cordell & Cordell Webinar Series About Coronavirus Pandemic

Lexicon led the production of the first hour-long episode in a Cordell & Cordell free weekly webinar series titled “Can the Coronavirus Affect Custodial Rights? How Divorces and Parenting Time May Be Impacted.” These efforts highlighted the proficiency of the company, amid the uncertain times that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created.

The webinar dealt with the family law issues that may arise during the course of the pandemic. From issues related to divorce and child custody, to ways to pursue child support modification when family courts may be closed, the first episode of the webinar, hosted by the attorneys of Lexicon’s client, Cordell & Cordell, managed to inform its audience on the topics relevant to their situation.

Producing the webinar

For Lexicon, the production of the webinar began with building the set. They used a modern, digital set design that allowed the attorneys to adhere to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines of being 6 feet from the nearest person.

They also had to deal with broadcast restrictions. The webinar was framed to include two hosting attorneys and four attorneys teleconferencing in, providing analysis of how the Coronavirus is affecting family law issues in their respective states. This meant that Lexicon had to vet a variety of digital meeting platforms, in order to find the best option for a seamless streaming experience across the country.

The first episode of this Cordell & Cordell webinar was assembled in five days. This meant that the members of the Lexicon production team had to provide around-the-clock agility, as both the production goals, creative goals, and the marketing goals had to shift with the ever-changing times.

Creative construction

The script of the first episode of the webinar needed to have a family law focus, allowing the attorneys to do what they do best and provide intelligent answers for viewers with questions about how the pandemic may be affecting them, their families, and their case.

That meant that not only did members of Lexicon’s production team need to elicit questions that viewers may have, but they also had to make sure that the attorneys would be well prepared to provide the answers that they were seeking.

Additionally, multiple graphics needed to be created both for the production airing, as well as the marketing campaigns, in order to deliver the information that they needed during this challenging time.

The marketing method

From a marketing perspective, they employed multiple email marketing campaigns, paid search advertising, paid social advertising, radio advertisements on local stations, search engine optimization (SEO), and on-site advertising on CordellCordell.com.

The digital marketing component had to take the lead of the advertising distribution efforts, since its agility was most equipped to handle the changes that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused. These campaigns included the creative graphics, as well as articles and videos, in order to gain the necessary viewership.

These methods of production, content creation, and marketing also will be employed for another one of Lexicon’s clients, TuckerAllen, who will be hosting upcoming 30-minute webinars, in order to discuss estate planning and elder law issues that may arise during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as during any point in life.

Services available to all

Just as Cordell & Cordell and TuckerAllen have employed these comprehensive methods of production, content creation, and marketing, these services are available to every Lexicon client.

With the fluidity of the Coronavirus pandemic, your law firm may require sudden shifts in the way you pursue legal marketing, and Lexicon is there to provide their guidance and comprehensive services, allowing you, as an attorney, to do what you do best: practice law.