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TikTok-TikTok: Is Time Running Out on Firms Not Using This Social Media Platform? – The LeXFactor Briefs

Want to know what’s making news in the legal tech industry? Download this episode of the LexFactor Briefs as hosts Lauren Hoffmann (Lexicon Brand Manager) and special guest host Randy Schorfheide (Lexicon Sr. manager of Public Relations) discuss how one specific law firm is utilizing the power of the TikTok social media platform to attract more than 1 million referrals.

A law firm has found TikTok – the app known for short videos of people dancing, singing, playing with pets and doing almost anything else – to be a remarkably effective marketing tool. Most times, people just want a quick answer to a simple question instead of all legalese. Videos engage an already active audience by becoming a go-to source for the information they’re seeking.