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Will Law Firm Office Roles Need to be Restructured Post-Pandemic? – The LeXFactor Briefs

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann hosts another edition of The LeXFactor Briefs, looking at what’s making news in the legal industry. In this episode, Lauren and Lexicon Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel discuss the possibility – or even the necessity – of office roles in a post-pandemic environment.

We’re coming up on a full year under COVID-19, and it’s probably safe to say attorneys are feeling something they never would have thought of roughly 12 months ago: an honest desire to get back to the office. However, it probably won’t be the same as it was previously. While smaller office space and a more flexible work environment will most likely be expected, the biggest change may have nothing to do with the physical environment—but more with the people in it – or not in the office.