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Zoom Fatigue? Legal Industry Leaders Say Tech is Here to Stay – The LeXFactor Briefs

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann hosts another edition of The LeXFactor Briefs, looking at what’s making news in the legal industry. In this episode, Lauren is joined by special guest-host Randy Schorfheide, Lexicon’s Sr. Manager of Public Relations & Communications (back from a long “guest-hosting” sabbatical), to discuss how the COVID pandemic has all but confirmed that technology is not only here to stay, but how it’s role within day-to-day activities will continue.

Those in the legal industry that are seeking a return to in-person meetings for business development should expect new client expectations, courtesy of new marketing tactics that have taken hold since March 2020. More and more law firms are leveraging videoconferencing, digital webinars, podcasts and other technology tools to capitalize on business development opportunities. But marketers should be prepared for those tactics to integrate with traditional in-person marketing processes to offer clients the collaboration they’ve grown accustomed to during COVID-19.