Emphasize Flexibility, Comfort in Your Law Office Design Amid COVID-19

With businesses attempting to adjust their facilities and practices, in order to account for social distancing guidelines and recommendations, your law firm may be in need reassessing your space.

Your law firm may include common areas, such as a lobby or kitchen, where under previous circumstances, people would congregate. However, amid COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines and recommendations, steps need to be taken, in order to prioritize safety, sanitation, and health in your work place.

In order to maximize the opportunity to promote safety, sanitation, and health at your law firm, it may be necessary to contact us. Our team of legal facilities professionals will be able to assist your firm with any changes necessary, in order to abide by local and state social distancing guidelines and recommendations.

Flexibility in office design

A recent article from Law.com highlighted the office issues that the COVID-19 pandemic have caused law firms across the country. Due to the new emphasis of social distancing, the modern design trends of a law firm have to emphasize flexibility.

A flexible law firm is one that can make the necessary changes to its design at a moment’s notice. Your law firm’s design cannot be rigid, because you do not know how long you will have to employ social distancing.

Partition and distancing options

With spatial awareness being an utmost priority, you law firm may need to assess the positioning of key sections of your office. If your office is smaller or does not have the opportunity to separate lawyers and legal staff by individual rooms, it may be necessary to install some type of partition, in order to create a barrier between clients and attorneys.

If that is not an option for your firm, you may need to situation the chairs of the clients further from the desks, in order to create a recommended distance between the two parties.

Attorneys, staff, clients require comfort

You also need to be able to gauge the thoughts of your fellow attorneys and legal staff. They need to feel comfortable and safe at work, and with an uncertainty of how long a pandemic may last, your facilities need to offer practical and flexible solutions to fit their needs.

This is why our company would be beneficial to your law firm. They not only provide legal facilities professionals that can help you arrange a setup that fits your needs, but also provides a battle-tested legal practice management software that allows your attorneys, legal staff, and clients to engage in your cases.

This software emphasizes security and provides a safe way for its users to exchange information, while protecting sensitive data.

Whether your offices need our practical solutions, or you need a secure and efficient software to continue your practice amid COVID-19, contact us today.