LeX Factor Briefs

HEY! (Hey) YOU! (You) Get Into the “Cloud!” – The LeXFactor Briefs

Want to know what’s making news in the legal tech industry? Download this episode of the LexFactor Briefs as hosts Lauren Hoffmann (Lexicon Brand Manager) and Brad Paubel (Lexicon Chief Information Officer) look at how the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of “Cloud” technology among small law firms.

Consultants and vendors alike say solo practitioners’ and small firms’ use of cloud-based document management, accounting, and e-discovery software is likely to stick around even after the pandemic. The almost-instantaneous move to remote working may signal the unofficial beginning of cloud-based tech’s dominance in solo practitioners’ and small law firms’ practices. Even as lawyers return to the office, clients’ cybersecurity demands will only continue to spur accelerated cloud adoption.