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Lexicon CEO Featured on Legal Toolkit Podcast

Lexicon CEO Scott Brennan was a featured guest on “Legal ToolKit,” a podcast on the Legal Talk Network.

Mr. Brennan and host, Jared Correia, discussed a wide variety of issues that law firms are facing across the United States, as it pertains to incorporating technology into their practices and trusting outsourced legal services.

Mr. Brennan highlighted the affordable quality tech solutions available to law firms in need, as well as what lawyers need to understand about the implementation of legal technology and services.

He emphasized not to be afraid of consulting with an expert when making business decisions about a law firm. Mr. Brennan also highlighted areas law firms typically overlook when attempting to maximize revenue, as well as risks for firms that are not adapting technology and outsourced legal services.

You can listen to the interview with “Legal Toolkit” below.