Ready To Stand Out In The Market? Let Your Brand Lead The Way

Take your attorney hat off for a few minutes—and put your consumer hat on. Think about a product you bought and why you bought it. It’s likely that, at some point, you connected with that product’s brand and felt it was the best choice for you, at which point it lifted itself above others in its class. In short, you heard a brand story that resonated with your needs. What if, as an attorney, you could do that? Not only can you—it’s vital to the success of your practice.

(You can put your attorney hat back on now.)

Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, I paid for a great logo, I’m good to go.” Sorry to disappoint you, but even the best logo doesn’t have that kind of power. Your brand is so much more than your visual identity—it’s who you are, how you operate, how you engage and how you deliver. Defining these core values makes it easier to keep your entire firm on the same page regarding your brand promise. That way, every team member can embody the brand and deliver a consistent client experience.

Where to start? For a law firm, the brand should be informed by the personal brands of the attorneys within the firm. Most often, the attorneys are the face of the firm and should have strong personal brands that are authentic and relatable. This is where the foundational elements of the firm’s brand should be rooted, and where the branding conversation should start. You can hear more about the concept of personal branding as it relates to firm marketing in one of our recent LeXFactor podcasts. 

If you need help defining and expressing your brand, Lexicon can help. Our marketing team has more than a decade of experience in building marketing programs that express the unique, sustainable values of law firms—to build a stronger client experience and grow greater market share.