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Lexicon Announces Legal Services Scholarship

Seeking to give back to the legal field, we are announcing the creation of the Lexicon Services Legal Scholarship. This $25,000 college scholarship is intended to go to a cancer survivor attending law school and was created to help the recipient realize their dream of earning a law degree, in collaboration with Cancer for College.

Lexicon is partnering with Cancer for College, in order to alleviate the financial burdens that come with law school for a qualifying cancer survivor.

With approximately one in 100 current college students having survived cancer, we are looking to provide a helping hand to a cancer survivor entering the legal industry.

“Lexicon wants to give back to the communities, in which we live and work,” Lexicon CEO Scott Brennan said. “Law school is expensive. The scholarship was created to help offset the cost of legal education and the financial devastation that the student and their family encounters while battling cancer.”

Since 1993, Cancer for College has been awarding need-based college scholarships and educational experiences to cancer survivors. The organization has granted more than 1,400 scholarships, giving more than $4 million to survivors around the country. This partnership highlights our corporate goal to expand our impact and contribute a larger community need.

The Lexicon Services Legal Scholarship application period for the 2021 scholarship will be open from November 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021. To apply or learn more about this scholarship, please visit Cancer for College’s website, or our Lexigiving page.