Lexicon Blog Post 23

Lexicon CIO Advocates for Cyber Security in LegalTechNews Article

Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel recently wrote an article for LegalTechNews, detailing how law firms and legal professionals can better protect themselves from cyber attacks and data theft.

Between our battle-tested legal practice management software and legal services, we continue to forge our path as advocates of the future of law firms. That future starts with technology and the security that it requires.

With law firms needing to rely on cloud-based integration in their day-to-day workday, cyber security must become a priority, if it is not already. Prioritizing cyber security is a preventative measure that lessens the chances of threats against the firm.

The legal industry requires continued technological and security maintenance, and in the legal software industry, in particular, that necessity increases with every methodological advancement in data theft and cyber attacking, according to Mr. Paubel.

At the same time, maintaining this necessity requires a firm culture that reflects the importance of security. Without a culture that prioritizes cyber security, a law firm and its clients are left vulnerable.

Mr. Paubel knows this and emphasized in his article an increased awareness in increasing cyber defenses and cultivating a culture that values it. He knows the importance of maintaining an effective defense against the unknown threats to sensitive legal information and works with a team of technical professionals to ensure that our clients are protected.

Contact us today for information regarding how we can assist you in protecting your law firm from cyber attacks.