Legal service companies assist in remote working, cyber protection

Legal Service Companies Assist in Remote Working, Cyber Protection

Without having the protection of a legal service company, like ours at Lexicon, to prevent phishing scams and cybersecurity attacks from disrupting your law firm’s ability to practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you are left with having to implement necessary security measures yourself.

Your law firm cannot afford to go on hiatus, so remote working has become essential to the success and future of your clients and your business.

With the sensitive information involved in the legal process, you need to make sure that security measures are in place, even though you are forced to remotely work.

Asset acquisition and cyber protection

A recent article in LegalTechNews emphasized the need of preparedness for law firms requiring the right supplies and security measures in place; a task for procurement and information technology (IT) departments.

A procurement department in a legal services company, like ours at Lexicon, buys goods and services for a law firm on their behalf, and by working hand-in-hand with the IT department, firms can feel like they are setting themselves up to succeed.

Not only has cybersecurity grown more challenging with the sophistication of the attacks, but practicality of the office space has shifted for IT departments that assist law firms.

Remote working difficulties

The article describes how law firms once only had to worry about a set number of work stations in a single office. With remote working taking place, they now have to worry about ostensibly each remote workstation as its own office.

If your law firm is attempting to manage its own IT, the logistics involved may cause missteps that lead to cyberattacks, phishing scams, or compromised client data.

Trust Lexicon

Entrusting your law firm’s procurement and IT services to a company ours means not having to worry about the logistics involved in creating remote work stations and managing the necessary assets to continue your legal practice.

We allow law firms to focus on the practice of law, as they tackle the everyday challenges of running a business, such as the acquisition of necessary assets for a law firm or the protection from cybersecurity attacks and phishing scams.

Our team can manage and create the necessary environment at each remote workstation to put your lawyers and legal staff in the best position to safely and securely service your clients.