The LeXfactor

Growing Your Firm With a Client Centric Approach – The LeXFactor

In this episode of The LeXFactor, a lawfully good podcast, our podcast studio is populated with special guests all around the discussion table. Special guest hosts Randy Schorfheide (Lexicon Sr. Manager of PR & Communications) and Scott Brennan (Lexicon CEO) welcome Bob Tomaso, Managing Partner in Husch Blackwell’s St. Louis, MO office and the current President of the Bar Association of Metro St. Louis (BAMSL), along with Susan Baltz, the Executive Director of the Bar Association of Metro St. Louis (BAMSL).

Clients are the life blood of any law firm, but client relationship management is one of the areas most frequently overlooked because the direct effect on revenue isn’t as obvious.  But 46% of consumers ask friends and family for referrals and happier clients result in referrals and repeat business. Listen to Scott, Bob and Susan highlight what it takes to end up with and retain happy clients.