Lexicon Blog Post 22

Law Firms Need More From Social Media Amid COVID-19

When you plan out your law firm’s year, you have goals that you hope to reach. You have budgets that you hope to stay within and financial targets you hope to achieve. You know how to engage with your market within your practice area, because what they are going through remains consistent from year-to-year.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing has remained the way that it was, and as a law firm, you too, have to adjust to the way you engage with your target market, especially on social media.

Social media remains a mainstay platform for businesses to engage with their existing and targeted audiences. However, with COVID-19, the methods once employed may no longer be applicable. How your firm uses social media may require more creativity and strategy.

Consider a new strategy

If your firm is like many, who cannot afford to devote time and effort restrategizing how you engage with your target market through social media, then you may want to consider the professionals of a legal services company, like ours at Lexicon.

We can enhance your firm’s online presence with customized inbound marketing solutions. Our marketing team can create graphics and video content tailored to the ever-changing trends that come with the legal industry amid COVID-19.

Education through video and audio content

Video and audio content allow your law firm to engage with your audience on an authentic level. With health and safety guidelines encouraging social distancing, it is vital that your firm appeals to the humanity of your target market.

Whether it is on YouTube, Facebook Video, or one of the many podcast platforms, your law firm has the opportunity to educate the ins and outs of your practice area and how it may be affected by the pandemic.

You and your attorneys have an opportunity to be empathetic faces and sources of knowledge for your target market. Whether you answer questions, discuss the changes being made to legal hearings, or educate about your legal focus area, your firm’s voice can carry, so long as you employ an effective marketing strategy.

Community engagement

Depending on the size of your firm, your strategy may vary. Employing community engagement will be a necessary aspect to tailoring your plan. For example, if your law firm resides in multiple states, you either need to create enough content for each of the states, or you or your firm’s attorneys, need to speak in generalities and in your professional experience, when discussing legal issues.

This is an important aspect of creating legal marketing content for social media, as the state bar associations have different regulations, and something that may be OK in one state may not be in another state.

Adaption and commonality

As the pandemic has gone on, states have changed their restrictions along the way and also have adapted new technologies to allow distancing. The legal industry has employed more and more video conferencing, and without diving into specifics of any individual case, it is vital that you and your attorneys speak to how these changes have affected how you practice.

Topics like this create a sense of commonality between you and a potential client. You both are required to make changes to fit the unique set of circumstances. This bond is marketable, and through an effective social media marketing strategy, you can adjust to the situation created by COVID-19 and become a stronger firm.

However, employing these tactics requires time and effort, taking you away from the practice of law. Contact us and our team of legal service professionals for information on how we can help you utilize social media for your firm’s advantage.