Whether it is during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or beyond, we have a solution to support your law firm. If it is inbound or outbound marketing efforts you need, your law firm should feel secure, knowing that Lexicon is there for you. The marketing assistance includes:

Display retargeting
  • Lexicon can spark renewed interest in your law firm through our effective display retargeting strategy. Let us craft a plan that fits your unique needs and entices potential clients to your legal services.
  • Lexicon can put together a comprehensive media strategy across multiple ad platforms to ensure you reach your target audience. We’ll make sure your media buys are placed and provide trafficking instructions so that you reach potential clients at opportune times.
Public relations and messaging issues
  • Lexicon can engage with your public image and provide to you a focused public relations strategy, to help your clientele and audience, through and after the Coronavirus pandemic.
Managing firm reputation
  • The perception of a law firm can change in an instant, and at Lexicon, we understand that and are ready to assist in maintaining your law firm’s reputation to the best of our abilities. Through our review management strategies, Lexicon makes your firm’s reputation our priority.
Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Lexicon can enhance your online presence through their experienced search engine optimization strategies. Their digital marketing solutions can offer your firm the creative edge you are looking for.
Graphic design
  • Lexicon is experienced and able to create graphics and material to fit your advertising needs. Whether they are brochures, folders, flyers, business cards, logos, email signatures, stationary, signs, pop-up banners, or table runners, your law firm’s advertising material needs to reflect your vision. Let Lexicon bring that vision to life.

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Video and audio services
  • Lexicon provides an array of digital and traditional broadcast video and audience solutions. We’ve produced TV and radio commercials, firm videos, online attorney bios, podcasts, and more. We can also help you host and reproduce live webinars and meetings.

Lexicon oversees your firm’s brand management and provides lead generation marketing, including:

  • Radio, TV, Digital, Print, and Outdoor Campaigns
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Graphic Design/Printed Marketing Materials
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Attorney Profiles
  • Events and Seminars

Lexicon marketing services utilize both traditional and digital marketing strategies to build your brand and drive leads to your firm.

Digital marketing services encompass:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Display/Retargeting
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management

Traditional marketing includes:

  • Radio
  • Streaming Services
  • TV
  • Billboards
  • Print
  • Events

By combining these marketing channels, Lexicon is able to produce more than 26,000 radio ads, 1,300 TV ads, 500 search engine ads, and 50 online articles each month.

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