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Creating Happy Law Firm Work Environments – The LeXFactor

Managing Attorney Jessica Markham is the founder of Markham Law Firm in Bethesda, Maryland, and joins The LeXFactor hosts in this episode to talk about the culture of law firm work environments. Jessica dives in to how she has successfully created a happy, fulfilling workplace for her team, and her journey to make her dreams for a work environment a reality.

During this episode, Jessica also discusses how she began Markham Law Firm and why she decided to make happiness the goal, instead of an unanticipated benefit of working at her firm. After starting her firm in 2015, Jessica explains how focusing on what’s important to the attorneys at her firm helps to deliver an ideal work environment that makes people want to stay. Jessica and our hosts go over the thought process behind what it takes to make attorneys feel comfortable at their job and valued while they practice.

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