Don’t Let Your Bad Service Be A Business-Builder For A Competing Firm

Take it or leave it used to be the attitude a few years ago. There was an idea that if one offered a service, it was enough to get clients in the door.

No more. The landscape has changed.

There’s been a fundamental shift in power from brands to consumers driven largely by digital innovation. Clients have instant access to information and choices. Firms are being held accountable—especially in customer service.

Adopting a client-centric approach to practice management isn’t difficult. Here are six areas from December’s LexiconLIVE! webinar we here at Lexicon recommend you focus on:

First Impression

Set the tone for the relationship. It begins when clients are searching for an attorney. Ensure your marketing represents your brand well with a cohesive message and that you’re findable, accessible and active online.

How do you take their first call?

  • Speed to answer – Are you answering within 3 rings?
  • Voicemail practices – Do you actually answer the phone or are calls sent to a black hole of voicemail?
  • Tone of voice – Answer with a smile.
  • Associate helpfulness – Listen and understand

Finally, consider these areas of onboarding:

  • First call – Did you deliver a good experience?
  • Online scheduling – Was scheduling efficient?
  • Availability – Could the client easily get in and at a time that works for them?
  • Intake forms – Were they efficient? Electronic?

Understanding Needs

In every meeting, position yourself as a partner to your client.

  • Ask questions
  • Be open—not critical
  • Show appreciation

Sharing Knowledge

Use your industry knowledge to position yourself as an expert. While it’s great to author your own work, just sharing (while citing) also shows you’re a partner to your clients. Consider these tactics:

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Thought leadership

Consistent Communication

Effective, consistent communication throughout the entire journey increases client satisfaction, which increases collection rate, referrals and repeat business.

  • Be forthcoming about costs
  • Set goals and expectations
  • Listen and ask questions

Feedback Response

Robust practice management software (may we suggest Lexicon?) captures the data needed to strengthen relationships.

  • Stores contact information, interactions, biographical information and needs, allowing for personalized communication
  • Allows workflow, relationship and success rate analysis
  • Allows for custom communication reminder workflows

Want to learn more? Watch the entire webinar here.

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