It may seem like a small thing, but how the phone is answered at your firm can greatly impact the client experience. If callers connect with someone who is unprepared to help, or even worse, get sent straight to voicemail without live, personal assistance, your brand perception can be tarnished. Lexicon strives to retain clients by meeting and exceeding expectations. We enhance the client’s first experience through world-class customer service and aim to lead the industry in revenue and process improvement.

Lexicon’s Virtual Receptionist service is a flexible solution for your needs. A Lexicon Virtual Receptionist is a real person, answering phone calls professionally and efficiently on behalf of your firm. We’ll provide your clients and potential clients with basic information, transfer calls and relay messages to the designated individual at your firm. Callers will hear a customized greeting that represents your law firm before being transferred to the Lexicon Virtual Receptionist.

Whether you need 100% outsourced call handling or simply call overflow support, contact us today for affordable, personalized Virtual Receptionist Services.

Services offered:

  • Customized Greetings
  • Call answering
  • Basic Question Answering
  • Call Transfer
  • Message Taking and Relaying

5 Reasons to Hire a Lexicon Virtual Receptionist

1. Your calls are answered quickly.

This service will impact the efficiency of your law firm, from your busy attorneys to other members of your staff. Managing inbound calls can be taxing, and many services fail to keep up with the demand of many high-demand attorneys in the legal field.

2. Your calls are always answered by a person (not voicemail).

The Lexicon Virtual Receptionist offers the comfort of a person-to-person customer experience, eliminating the impersonality of a voicemail box or a computer, while promptly addressing your needs.

Many other services do not address the complex concerns that a client may have over the phone, allowing their issues to go unanswered. By having the personable touch of a Lexicon Virtual Receptionist, your law firm can rest assure that a dedicated person will be assisting your clients with their every need, even if it is outside of the normal business hours of your firm.

3. Your calls are answered outside of your normal firm hours.

A Lexicon Virtual Receptionist allows your firm to extend its accessibility. Phone calls to your law firm can be answered outside of the average work day, giving your clients the added comfort and your firm additional service.

4. The first impression can last a lifetime.

Having a real person answer your calls is a small touch, but it is one that adds to the first impression of a potential client when they call your law firm, in need of legal assistance. By providing a potential client a knowledgeable and affable individual in your Lexicon Virtual Receptionist, you can ensure that your calls always will be going to a person with your client’s best interests in mind.

5. You will not miss out on any client lead opportunities.

Your law firm will not lose lead opportunities, because a client was unable to leave a voicemail. The benefits of a Lexicon Virtual Receptionist allow your law firm to continue servicing the needs of your clients during uncertain times.


No matter the size of your law firm, nor the area of practice, Lexicon offers pricing plans to fit your unique needs. View the Lexicon Virtual Receptionist pricing plans below and learn more about what Lexicon can do for you.

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