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Conducting Virtual Meetings During COVID-19 – The LeXFactor

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann and Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel host The LeXFactor, A Lawfully Good Podcast. In this episode, they are joined by Lexicon Senior Public Relations and Communications Manager Randy Schorfheide to discuss how law firms and the legal industry as a whole are learning to cope through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The panel highlights how important security is when working from home during this crisis and how vital virtual meetings and continued productivity is during this time.

Mr. Schorfheide describes the opportunity that law firms have, in acquiring the necessary information and infrastructure in order to host virtual consultations with clients. The panel also emphasizes the importance of etiquette when handling virtual calls, meetings, and consultations.

Mr. Paubel describes the differences involved in how smaller firms may navigate this process, as opposed to larger firms. He also recommends partnering with a legal services company that can take that task off of the firm’s plate.