Tips on recruiting and keeping young lawyers, legal staff at your firm

Tips on Recruiting and Keeping Young Lawyers, Legal Staff at Your Firm

Establishing your law firm’s ability to recruit and retain young talent requires effort. A consistent pool of young, skilled, and talented lawyers and legal staff members can attract the business of your clients and establish your law firm for years to come.

In order to forge your firm’s place as the place to be for recent law graduates, it is vital that you invest in their methodology. You need to learn the ins and outs of what attracts them to a law firm, as well as what can keep them happy there.

Challenges of recruitment

No matter the age range sought after, recruitment may be a challenge. With clients, cases, billing, and a variety of other facets of the job, you may not have the time or energy to devote to recruiting the attorneys and legal staff members that you need at your law firm.

This is why legal service companies, like ours at Lexicon, exist. We allow your firm to do what you do best: practice law. While you do that, our legal recruitment professionals find the candidates that best fit the description, set up interviews, run background checks, perform skill assessments, create offers, and integrate them into your organization, all with a 45-day placement commitment.

Our team of legal recruitment professionals can attract the ideal candidate for your firm, helping to establish your law firm as an essential practice for a young lawyer.

Tips to establishing a successful culture

If you are looking to hire the best young talent in the legal industry, establishing that culture is important. You want to make potential candidates feel as though they can succeed at your firm, because so many young, skilled lawyers and legal staff members actively are thriving.

That culture does not stop with similarly-aged peers, but also extends into professional development and career advancement. Allowing younger lawyers the ability to develop critical skills in the legal industry with the potential of rising up the legal ladder promotes the idea that you and your law firm are investing in them and are investing in their future.

Your law firm should outstretch that level of care into professional benefits, and while researching and selecting the best benefits for your law firm can be a hassle, rest assured that legal services companies, like ours, offer human resource professionals, dedicated to navigating the best benefits possible to fit the culture that you are establishing with your firm.

While creating this culture, offering continued education, and offering opportunities for advancement are important steps in acquiring and maintaining the best young talent at your law firm, you still need to offer a competitive salary that makes them feel appreciated.

Competitive salaries are key

Without offering a competitive salary, you cannot maintain the same talented lawyers year after year, forcing you to recruit more and restart the process.

Keeping the top young talent in the legal industry is not an exact science, but by putting forth the necessary time, effort, and money behind establishing a culture that appreciates young, talented lawyers and legal staff members, your firm can maintain a competitive edge and continue to grow.