Attorneys Require Engagement, Social Media Presence in Their Practice

Being a professional in the legal field requires a focused knowledge of your practice area, but often-times, that is not what attracts clients to your practice.

In many instances, it is the presence that attorney shows in the way they engage with the law, engage with the clients, and engage with inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

For attorneys in smaller firms that do not have access to legal services that market for them, that starts with social media.

“There is enormous value in having a platform to reach current and potential clients to answer questions, provide information, and overall stay top-of-mind,” Lexicon Social Media Specialist Erica Tieman said. “Social media can be a great tool for that.”

Utilizing social media

Social media use can allow attorneys to learn the ins and outs of the audience that makes up the majority of their clients.

“When used effectively, social media can be both an organic and paid avenue to reach your audience on a consistent basis,” Ms. Tieman said.

Achieving engagement

A recent article on highlighted the drive for attorneys to engage with the law, in a way that creates a more public presence for themselves and their firms.

It described the role of social media for an attorney seeking to create engagement through the social media platform, LinkedIn.

Learning LinkedIn

LinkedIn focuses on the professional needs of its users, so utilizing it for engagement and interaction can be tricky.

“Navigating the complexities of LinkedIn can be stressful for some lawyers,” Ms.Tieman said. “LinkedIn is a mixture of professional and personal self-promotion and thought leadership all in one.”

Enlisting Lexicon

In order to navigate the complexities of the platform, it would be beneficial to enlist our assistance, and we can create a smart and unique solution to fit an attorney’s brand image, market their services, and create the engagement and presence that they are looking to achieve.

“Utilizing a legal service like Lexicon helps lawyers take the guess work on how to use LinkedIn for marketing purposes and get them back to focusing on being a lawyer,” Ms. Tieman said.

By forging a partnership with us, an attorney’s marketing strategy can become comprehensive and create the desired result in engagement, presence, and client satisfaction.