Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Lexicon

Who is Lexicon?

Lexicon is a legal services and technology provider with deep expertise helping law firms of all sizes efficiently manage the administrative side of their business. We have been operating since 2008 and began as the practice management group behind the world’s largest family law firms.

What is Lexicon?

Lexicon is defined as the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

Our branch of knowledge is growing and operating successful law firms. Over the past dozen years, we have developed focused expertise in nearly every aspect of running a successful law firm, including revenue optimization, billing and collections, support services, and more. We have now paired that knowledge with leading technology to offer a world-class practice management software suite built specifically for law firms that includes an array of essential services.

What makes Lexicon different?

We know there are other practice management software products out there. But Lexicon is different because we actually deliver on what the others promise — and then some. Not only do we use the latest technology in our systems, but we have also worked hard to integrate everything into one seamless user experience. All of a user’s tools and services are available through one unified dashboard. Lexicon doesn’t feel like a patchwork collection of separate tools that have been forced together. It’s one streamlined platform — no need to waste time figuring out a clunky interface.

Lexicon also takes traditional practice management software even further by offering legal support services along with technology tools. We believe this is a true game-changer for law firms. With Lexicon, lawyers and their firms will have just one vendor for most everything they need to operate successfully, leaving them more time to focus on practicing law.

What “services” does Lexicon offer?

It takes more than software to run a firm. There are other necessary functions that firms handle internally or outsource to separate vendors, including human resources, reception, recruiting, billing and marketing — just to name a few. With Lexicon, we’re simplifying things for law firms by providing what they need in one unified package. Firms can choose which services they want and access them all through the Lexicon dashboard.

At launch, we are rolling out our Virtual Receptionist, Recruiting and Marketing services. Additional services will be added throughout 2020.

In addition to seamless integration with our practice management software, Lexicon’s legal support services are provided by people with deep expertise serving the legal industry. Our virtual receptionists, for example, have all been trained to handle calls specifically for a law firm and know how to address and provide service to both existing clients and prospects. The same goes for our recruiting and marketing personnel, who understand how law firms work, their business models and what they need to succeed.

Can I use Lexicon with my existing software program?

Lexicon integrates seamlessly with a firm’s existing email, calendar and word-processing programs. What further distinguishes Lexicon, however, is that we provide integrated functionality that other practice management companies require separate subscriptions to use. Our document management system, for example, is embedded within our product at no additional cost.

Is Lexicon only for large firms? Small firms? Solo practitioners?

Lexicon is fully scalable and customizable to suit any size firm and practice area. Because we offer tiered subscriptions, firms can choose which tools and services they want without overpaying for the ones they don’t. Everything is available in our centralized dashboard. Higher tiers offer the ability to customize the software as well.

What are the tiers and what is included in each?

There are three to choose from, with a variety of services available at each tier:

  • Emerging — Use only what you need from our modular software platform
  • Ascending — We help you to manage the day-to-day operations of your legal practice
  • Iconic — Effortless practice management at the scale you need

At launch, the Emerging tier will be available. The other two will become available later in 2020.

Do you provide training and support?

Yes! Every client is paired with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who ensures they not only understand how to use Lexicon but are also taking full advantage of everything it offers. We also have a dedicated training team to new clients through their onboarding and training before transitioning them to the CSM who will manage the relationship going forward. We also offer convenient technical support.

Is my firm’s data secure?

Lexicon employs a comprehensive security strategy from upfront custom user permissions, notifications and audit logs, to behind-the-scenes salting, bank-grade encryption, auto-backups and more.

What’s next?

We are launching our Emerging tier in May 2020, which will be followed by Ascending and Iconic later in the year. Each subsequent phase will add both functionality and services. We expect the full suite of Lexicon products to be available in late 2020.