The LeXfactor

Law Firm R&D (No, We’re Not Talking About Research and Development) – The LeXFactor

In this episode of The LeXFactor, a lawfully good podcast, Lexicon’s Brand Manager Lauren Hoffman and CIO Brad Paubel welcome back Tom Boster, Lexicon CFO & COO (Brad’s and Lauren’s boss) for a return visit to discuss Recognizing efficiencies & Driving revenue.

The legal industry is a demanding one, meeting client needs, handling sensitive materials, managing cybersecurity, tracking time, driving growth – all while trying to maximize billable hours. The legal industry is slow to adapt, let alone adapt a comprehensive strategy. How do firms stay competitive and drive efficiencies?

Learn more about Tom Boster and Lexicon’s holistic suite of practice management technology and services that liberate law firms to do more of what they do best – practice law.