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Personal Branding in the Legal Industry – The LeXFactor

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann and Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel host The LeXFactor, A Lawfully Good Podcast.

In this episode, they are joined by Katy Goshtasbi, a former lawyer, a change and branding expert, and the founder of Puris Consulting. She describes the importance of personal branding for lawyers and the benefits of selling yourself through relatability and promotion in the legal profession.

Katy talks about the process that lawyers have to go through, in creating and maintaining a personal brand and how these personal brands can best represent the brand of their law firms. Katy emphasizes that the firm brand does not exist without the lawyer’s individual brands and highlights the foundational elements that individual lawyer brands have in a firm’s brand.

Katy describes the process that law firms can employ, in order to support lawyer’s and their development of personal brands. She talks about the collective competitive energy of personal brands within a law firm can benefit the firm as a whole.