The LeXfactor

Setting the Foundation for Operational Efficiencies and Long-Term Success – The LeXFactor

In this episode of The LeXFactor, a lawfully good podcast, Lexicon’s Brand Manager Lauren Hoffman and CIO Brad Paubel interview Tom Boster, Lexicon CFO & COO (Brad’s and Lauren’s boss) and discuss how law firms can become efficient – and profitable – “businesses.”

Most of what it takes to run a successful law firm isn’t taught in law school, but it all starts with your foundation – your day-to-day operations. Listen in as Tom details how law firms need to know what operational efficiency is and the steps needed to ensure the implementation of workflows required to ensure a strong foundation – all while maximizing their impact.

Learn more about Tom Boster and Lexicon’s holistic suite of practice management technology and servicesthat liberate law firms to do more of what they do best – practice law.