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The Future of Court Proceedings – The LeXFactor

In this episode of The LeXFactor, a lawfully good podcast, Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffman and CIO Brad Paubel are once again joined by Stephen Embry, legal industry journalist and practicing attorney, as he provides commentary and analysis on what court proceedings could look like in the future: virtual, in-person, or even a hybrid approach.

Speculation is rampant how the legal world might look like if and when the pandemic lets up. Will the virtual world continue – meaning more and more court proceedings and arbitrations being online? Or, will we go back to the physical in-person world for most activities?

There are, however, a growing number who believe a hybrid world might be the best solution. Stephen shares his thoughts and views as to which option – or options – maybe the most appropriate.

Besides being a practicing attorney, Stephen Embry is the publisher of TechLaw Crossroads, a blog devoted to law, innovation, and technology – as well as a noted writer within the legal and legaltech sectors.