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Utilization of Technology Inside and Outside of the Courtroom – The LeXFactor

In this episode of The LeXFactor, a lawfully good podcast, Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffman and CIO Brad Paubel interview Stephen Embry, an attorney and legal industry writer, to discuss some key takeaways from recent research regarding the use of technology in the courtroom, training, and e-discovery.

There were some significant changes from 2018 to 2020—and there are sure to be more in 2021 after living in a COVID environment for more than a year. Where there were some minor increases in technology use previously, we are almost certain to see higher usage during the next year.

Stephen says it will be interesting to see whether this impacts the existing resource gap between large and small firms – a troubling issue for many reasons, specifically the health of small firms being critical to the legal profession. He also says we will see whether increased telecommuting lends itself to an increased awareness of resources from lawyers in large firms.

Stephen Embry focuses his practice on mass tort and class action litigation and is the publisher of TechLaw Crossroads, a blog devoted to law, innovation, and technology.