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Lexicon allows you to intuitively manage your entire practice from anywhere on one comprehensive platform.

Timekeeping is the lifeline of your firm — it’s how you get paid. With Lexicon, it’s fully integrated, making it easy to record and categorize time worked. Bill more hours, increase efficiencies and focus on doing what you do best, practicing law.

Lexicon’s time tracking allows you to fully and efficiently capture all billable and non-billable time, including write-offs and write-downs. You can set up standard or customized charge codes, rate tables, disbursement types and fixed or flat fees, ensuring billable time gets captured easily and approved automatically. Plus, you can track from any page in the system, from your office, on-the go, wherever you are.   

Lexicon Timekeeping Screen

Our timekeeping module is flexible, so it works the way you do. Easily set time-entry reminder frequencies, time-entry grace periods, time-rounding intervals, access real-time reports and keep notes on every action within a matter. Additionally, Lexicon’s actionable timekeeping workspace gives you a high-level look at time spent by matter and client to further help optimize your time and revenue.

Lexicon is committed to helping you optimize your practice and increase your revenue, so you can focus on doing what you do best. 

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