Manage Funds. Get Paid.

Lexicon allows you to intuitively manage your entire practice from anywhere on one comprehensive platform.

Lexicon enables you to efficiently, accurately and securely manage trust and operating accounts for every client and every matter. Keep track of every expense and every payment, so you can focus on doing what you do best, practicing law.

With Lexicon, Trust Accounting works how you and your firm need it to, ensuring you are meeting deadlines, maximizing revenue and getting paid. And have confidence you never miss a step with the ability to configure IOLTA rules at the state level.  Want the big picture of where your finances stand? Lexicon’s customizable and actionable billing and accounting dashboards let you manage all financials in one place and run reports to provide real-time updates. Need financial info on a specific matter? You can also get it directly from the matter dashboard, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.  

Getting paid is easy. Manage multiple trusts and set minimum retainer balances per matter. You can both transfer and deposit funds, manage bank accounts and record payments and refunds. No matter how you’re doing it, Lexicon makes sure you get paid.

Lexicon has your security concerns covered. Securely invoice clients and get paid electronically in just a couple of clicks. That means e-signatures too. Have confidence knowing your payments follow ABA and IOLTA guidelines and that your billable time is maximized. You can set custom user access, permissions and audit logs, set up custom alerts and notifications and restrict access on a client, matter, folder or document basis. Make sure information never gets in the wrong hands and ensure peace of mind, both for you and your clients.

Lexicon is committed to helping you optimize your practice and increase your revenue, so you can focus on doing what you do best. 

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Lexicon takes care of the business so you can take care of the law.