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Lexicon Launches New Platform


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Lexicon Launches Unified Platform of Law Firm Management Software and Legal Support Services

Groundbreaking product provides everything needed to run a firm while lawyers focus on practicing law

ST. LOUIS (May 15, 2020) — Lexicon™, the legal services and technology provider with deep industry experience, announces the launch of its flagship product — a unified platform blending the latest in practice management software with marketing, human resources, virtual receptionists and other services. All elements of Lexicon are designed to work together seamlessly, placing lawyers in control of managing their firms and their time.

“Lexicon was built over many years, specifically to allow lawyers to focus on what they do best, which is practicing law,” said Lexicon CEO Scott Brennan. “We take care of everything else required to grow and manage a successful firm, We’ve paired intuitive practice management software with the essential services that every firm needs, and it’s all accessible through one seamless interface.”

That blending of technology with services is what makes Lexicon unique, notes Brennan.

“With Lexicon, firms don’t need to have separate products, vendors or providers for each service or piece of software to manage their firm,” he said. “It’s all there in one place, available with just a click.”

While the Lexicon name might be new to the legal industry, those behind it have met the needs of one of the world’s largest family law firms for 12 years. The product now known as Lexicon evolved out of that experience.

“We’re so confident in Lexicon because it’s been battle-tested,” said Brennan. “We understand what it takes to grow and run a successful firm because we’ve been doing it for a long time, and everything we know from that experience is now available to other firms through Lexicon software and services.”

Lexicon’s offerings will be available in three subscription-based tiers: Emerging, Ascending and Iconic. The tiered format allows firms to choose only what they need, when they need it. At launch, the Emerging software tier and several complementary legal services are available. The Ascending and Iconic software and services will be added later in 2020.

Lexicon’s Emerging tier is designed for firms of any size or practice area, and offers the following fully-integrated functionality:

The software also features a unified dashboard providing users with convenient access to every feature in one place. In addition, each subscriber has a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure they have the resources to use the tools to the fullest.

Lexicon is launching three services with the Emerging tier:

  • Virtual Receptionist: A service staffed by legal specialists to take and handle calls for law firms. They answer with a customized greeting that identifies the firm and can provide basic information, transfer calls or relay messages to a designated individual.
  • Marketing Solutions: With an array of inbound and outbound marketing services, Lexicon provides exactly what a firm needs to grow its book of business. This includes digital retargeting, reputation management, public relations and messaging, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, ad production, media buying and more.
  • Recruiting: Lexicon’s recruiting team can identify and attract talented employees who will fit within a firm’s culture, fulfilling its needs for potential attorneys and business employees. We screen, select applicants for the interview process and create offers. (Note: Additional Human Resources services will be added later in 2020.)

“It’s these services, which are integrated seamlessly into our platform, that make Lexicon distinct from anything else on the market,” said Brennan. “And this is just the beginning. We are excited to expand our service offerings later this year.”

Scott Brennan is available for interviews to discuss the launch of Lexicon, what it offers and what will come later in 2020. Product demonstrations are also available for members of the media.

About Lexicon

Lexicon is a legal services and technology provider with deep expertise in the legal industry. The company provides a world-class practice management software suite, enabling attorneys to maximize productive use of their time when working cases. With expertise in marketing for law firms, revenue optimization, billing and collections, support services, and more, Lexicon is a firm’s trusted partner for all legal practice needs. For more information, please visit lexiconservice.com.