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Assisting Lawyers With Business Development During COVID-19 – The LeXFactor

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann and Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel host The LeXFactor, A Lawfully Good Podcast.

In this episode, they are joined by Deb Knupp, the Managing Director for GrowthPlay, to discuss how business development has been able to pivot in the virtual world, caused by COVID-19. She talks about the consulting firm she works for and how they utilize the cultivation of relationships to build predictable revenue in the legal industry.

Deb describes the foundational principles that lawyers have to utilize in business development, in order to be effective and dissects her firm’s ability to assist lawyers in navigating the emotional aspects of their clients.

She breaks down the emotional selling paradox and how it factors into how lawyers can approach the development of their business relationships. Deb also breaks down how lawyers can improve their business development, logistics, strategies, and opportunities in the wake of the economic impact of COVID-19.