The LeXfactor

Establishing a Digital Presence in Legal Marketing – The LexFactor

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann and Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel host The LeXFactor, A Lawfully Good Podcast. In this episode, they are joined by Regina Winschel to discuss the importance of a digital marketing presence in a law firm’s marketing strategy.

Regina breaks down all of the forms that digital marketing can take, as well as highlights how email marketing and social media marketing can be effective marketing methods for law firms of all practice areas and sizes.

Regina also describes the ins and outs of search engine marketing and how it can be effective in maintaining and optimizing a firm’s existing digital presence.

She emphasizes not only creating content for the benefits of the search engines, but also to potential clients in need of engagement. Regina also talks about the importance of having analytics in place, in order to track how content performs.