Maintaining Remote Business Development Practices For Your Firm

Maintaining Remote Business Development Practices for Your Firm

Prior to the implementation of social distancing practices, you may have found that business development in the legal industry can be a challenge amid all of the tasks required to maintaining a thriving law firm.

With the caseload of a lawyer on top of managing a firm, engaging in business development and growth can be a trial unto itself. Forging and maintaining the professional contacts necessary to create new opportunities requires time and effort that you may not have.

Luckily, legal service companies, like Lexicon, offer legal service professionals, who can take some of the burden off your shoulders.

With the combined talents of their teams of business development and marketing professionals, they can successfully assist your firm in establishing the contacts and making the introductions necessary with industry professionals or members of the media to help your bottom line.

While these introductions may take place through a teleconferencing application, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it still is a positive development that will not only offer financial benefits, but also boost your firm’s reputation.

Boosting your visibility, engage in your marketing

A recent article in LegalTechNews highlighted how to navigate business development and maintain visibility in the market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article lists several methods to market your firm and develop your firm’s reputation, while remaining cost-effective, including:

  • Applying for awards and engaging with online rankings of law firms.
  • Writing bylined articles regarding subjects in your firm’s practice area.
  • Utilizing your firm’s mailing list regarding any COVID-related changes that your firm is implementing.
  • Utilizing your website and social media profiles.
  • Holding webinars.
  • Recording podcasts.

Maintaining visibility and engaging in your marketing is key to business development amid the practices of social distancing. Your firm’s clients and referral sources are dependent on the actions that you take, in order to acquire new opportunities.

Advantages of Lexicon

Legal service companies, like Lexicon, can allow your law firm to focus on the practice of law. As you focus on your clients, Lexicon focuses on your firm and engages in practical and battle-tested methods of marketing, so that your business can continue developing.

They offer firm reputation management services to work in succession with their email and social media marketing efforts, so that your firm can take a proactive approach to its development and reputation.

Your firm cannot afford to press pause on its growth. Even while a remote working day-to-day, taking steps to actively engage in your law firm’s development is a necessary advancement toward the future of your firm.