Lexicon Launches Emerging Tier

Lexicon Launches Emerging Tier

We, at Lexicon, are proud to announce the debut of the Lexicon Emerging Tier, an unparalleled hybrid of technology and service in the legal industry.

With our premiere legal practice management software and years of providing client care, account management, marketing, human resources, technical assistance, and consulting expertise, we are your firm’s choice for legal management and service needs.

The Emerging Tier is the first available of the three subscription-based tiers; Emerging, Ascending, and Iconic, available to clients. The Ascending and Iconic software and services will be available later in 2020.

Learning more about software design

No matter your firm’s size or practice area, the Emerging Tier includes all of the elements, working in unison to provide a seamless legal service and software experience.

This design incorporates the following fully-integrated functions:

For access and convenience, the software includes a unified dashboard, allowing its users to manage the features in one easy-to-access location.

Whether you have the Emerging Tier or will be subscribing to a higher tier later in 2020, you will receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager, ensuring that you have every resource at your disposal.

New services offered by Lexicon

In conjunction with the launch of the emerging tier, we also are launching three additional services:

  • Virtual Receptionist: An easy and affordable way to provide support for your clients and promote your law firm’s professional image. Calls from your clients will be routed to the line of the Lexicon Virtual Receptionist, a real person, answering phone calls efficiently and professionally on behalf of your firm.
  • Marketing Solutions: No matter your inbound or outbound marketing needs, we, at Lexicon, have a solution. We can assist you in your display retargeting, search engine optimization, graphic design, public relations, reputation management, consulting, and more.
  • Recruiting: Our recruiting team can identify qualified attorneys and legal staff members, who will fit within your firm’s culture, creating a pool of candidates to screen, select for the interview process, and offer positions, ensuring the future success of your firm.

Legal empowerment through Emerging Tier

While Lexicon may be new name, our services and software are battle-tested, meeting the needs of one of the world’s largest family law firms for 12 years.

The needs of your firm may be constantly changing, and we are committed to providing you the service and software you require, in order to meet those needs. Whether it is creating a television commercial to reach a new market or answering the calls of clients, we are empowering your attorneys and legal staff members, allowing them to do what they do best: practice law.

Reinventing practice management is what we do, and in the legal industry, it is critical that service and technology seamlessly are incorporated into a growth plan for your law firm’s future.

By partnering with us at Lexicon and subscribing to the Emerging Tier, you are assuring a forward-facing strategy that pushes the boundaries of what your law firm is capable of, moving forward.

By subscribing to the Emerging Tier, you no longer have to worry about answering phones, outsourcing book, matter, and time management, marketing efforts, or researching the candidate pool for new hires.

We, at Lexicon, have you covered.