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Adapting Customer Relationship Management in Law Firms – The LeXFactor

Lexicon Senior Public Relations and Communications Manager Randy Schorfheide and Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel host The LeX Factor, A Lawfully Good Podcast.

They are joined by Dave Whiteside, director of client growth and success at Clients First, to discuss customer relationship management (CRM). Dave highlights how a properly organized CRM can be utilized to collect, store, analyze, and leverage information about the law firm’s relationships that lawyers have with clients and prospects.

Dave describes the uniqueness of a CRM in the legal industry, as opposed to other industries, and talks about how culture plays into the reputation of a law firm and how it may affect the CRM.

He also highlights the advantages of adapting CRM into a lawyer’s practice, as well as the communication that factors into the adaption of CRM in law firms.